Barn Charm?

I'll have to say right here that I don't know how to do links and I don't have time to learn right now.   But I will, just not this morning.

I love photos of barns.   I think everyone does, at least those of us who grew up in an area where we have seen and appreciated their own kind of beauty dotting the landscape.

In this area of California, the history is more ranching than farming.   I don't see many traditional type barns while out driving the rural roads.   Once in a while a building has the appearance of a barn, of sorts.   At least it has the charm and therefore draws me to the side of the road for a photo.   

This is from a vineyard in our area.   Not a cattle barn, not a dairy barn, maybe a wine barn?    


CountryDew said…
That's a lovely ol' barn. Thanks for sharing!
Love this shot... the blue sky backing the red in the barn and the green rusty gate.
Maybe a hay storage barn. See the large hoist on top at the peak? Usually these are for hoiting hay to second floor. Just a guess :)
I love this old place. And that gate? I could hang that in my house. Awesome piece of rust of patina green!!!
Have a great day, Denise :)
xo, misha

p.s.links are easy peasy. you will learn in a flash!
Gone Country said…
Whatever kind of barn it is... it's cool! Great shot!
Lynne said…
Great photo . . .
Great barn . . .
Great blue sky!

Thanks for sharing . . .
Comfypjs said…
Check out the barn on the link below. I took photos of my granddaughter here dressed up as a rhinestone cowgirl:

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