Saturday, October 1, 2011


I would like to introduce you to the cast of characters here at our ranch.   This way, when I refer to them by name in the future, you will OF COURSE remember each and every one of them.    

Two and a half years ago, we decided to add some grazing animals to our property.   The choices were cattle (NO!), sheep (NO!), goats or equines.   I have had a little experience with goats on the property.   No offense to you goat lovers, but they were a pain in my backside.   I realized I like to look at other people's goats, but keep a goat-free ranch myself.   I had seen some miniature donkeys as I was driving around this area and knew I would love to see some on my property every day.   So we drove to Los Olivos and visited Linda Marchi at her Seein' Spots Farm.   She had/has about 20 to 25 donkeys which made it difficult to choose only two.    We did choose two, brought them home, and immediately fell in love with the cute little stinkers.    So I introduce Harry and Gunny.   I will share more photos of them in future posts.  

Harry as a baby, courtesy of Linda Marchi

Harry in the Rain

Gunny loving his brudder

Completely in Sync

And I also want to thank all of you for visiting my new little blog, and for your welcoming comments.   I definitely have a lot to learn as I share my photos and stories about our critters.    Have a great Sunday and Happy October!!


Gone Country said...

They're ADORABLE and look so sweet! That last photo is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, they're too cute!

Lili said...

That baby picture would have stolen my heart too! Look forward to hearing more about your sweet little critters. You have some awesome views of mountains in that last pic. ~Lili

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