Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bubby and Sissy

Those are actually their nicknames.   We have two dogs protecting our home and property.   This involves chasing away the garbage truck every single Tuesday by barking from behind the fence;   keeping humans from walking or jogging down any road adjacent to our property, again from behind the fence;   and sounding the alert whenever there are deer, skunks (ewwww), stray dogs, neighbors' cats, swooping turkey vultures on or around our property.    It is a very big job.   Meet Zoey and Zach.   They are not biological siblings but they are bonded for life.    If I could equate their personalities to humans - and who doesn't like to do that with their animals?? - I would say that Zoey is the cheerleader and Zach is the football player.   
Zoey always waiting for her next assignment

Zoey on watch

Zach's soft expression (with his long hair)

Zach forever following his nose (with haircut)

We love these two, even when they are making us crazy.   Z and Z, two more of our "kids" here on the ranch.


Country Girl said...

Beautiful animals. Good thing you mentioned the haircut because I was thrown off there for a moment.

Anonymous said...

Such sweet babies you have on the ranch. :-))

Gone Country said...

They're adorable and such 'hard-workers'! Always something to protect on the ranch!

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