Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I really don't have anything to blog about tonight so I'll introduce you to Clarabelle.  She was the last of our 5 chicklets to hatch out last year in August.   She's a precocious little hen, has never had any friends, is very assertive about finding her place to sleep and sticking her face into a bowl of yogurt.   She is a cross between our Americauna rooster and one of our Barred Rock hens.   And she has a beard.

She is very independent and really doesn't care about making friends.

She will hunt for bugs by herself unless someone else happens to be nearby, like her sister Lena.

Takes naps in her favorite chair or wherever she wants.

And has awesome flying skills which she uses to escape the chicken yard or just lord over her other flock members.

She is the funniest little hen I've had.   She likes to be last in the coop at night, will peck me if I reach near her for eggs, would like to have a 10 foot roost to herself, and is just quite amusing to have in our flock.      


missing moments said...

What a fun read about Clarabelle. Such an independent gal ... love her!

TexWisGirl said...

she sounds like a real character, but she's pretty too!

Karen said...

They each have personalities... people who dont' have chickens think that's ridiculous but it's true!... she is a pretty girl.

Lore said...

Have to disagree with the other ladies who commented - I think Clarabelle is quite homely. But what God takes away with one hand, he gives with another. Which is probably why she is such a fun character.

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