Don't Freak Out

It's moulting season and it's not pretty.   Only a few of my hens are going through it.   It's hard on them and requires a lot of their resources to grow the new feathers.   While they always love dirt baths, they especially like them when their feathers are falling out.   I think this is such a funny photo of Chicken Little last year when she was still raising Clarabelle.   She looks like she's dead but she's just luxuriating in her dirt bath.   It's something you should be prepared for if you decide to get chickens.   They sometimes look like they are dead or their legs are broken or some such serious thing:-)

Seriously, she's fine here.   So don't freak out or wonder why I'm posting photos of a dead chicken.   Anyway, it's almost Halloween and this is as scary as it gets around here.


Gone Country said…
She does look dead!

I remember the first time I saw a chicken enjoying their dust bath... I thought it was having a seizure! It is definitely something to be prepared for so you don't freak out!

Great shot!
Molting.. definitely an ugly season... and yes, she does look dead!
My Kid's Mom said…
Molting is never pretty. She definitely does look dead!
TexWisGirl said…
oh my. that's rather funny!
Ebie said…
Is she doing a "play dead" act?

she's a good actress!
missing moments said…
That's a great shot of her! I never knew birds molted until I saw my bald bluejays in the back yard!
Beth said…
i'm so happy to hear she is ok. it does not look pretty at this moment in the picture. i would have thought otherwise. relief. (:
I don't believe you. Poke her with a stick and see if she moves... JK! LOL

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