End of an Era

I'm not sure why we feel so sad when someone like Steve Jobs passes away.   I didn't know him personally,  I only knew of his public self and his accomplishments.   Somehow his innovations symbolized excitement and fun.   He was always there, creating something new for the Apple vision.   And now he's gone.    It's the end of an era.

Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs.   You had an amazing life.


Janie said…
I think it is that human connection we all have to everyone.. That and he seemed so approachable. So human. With his ripped jeans and easy manner..producing one thing after another for "us", to help make life more interesting? Better? More fun.. Yeah, thats it....

I don't own any Apple products..out of my price range, generally. I hope to some day...I was always intrigued, and almost felt missing something by not having any! I always check out the Macs when I am in a computer store...I DO someday want an IPad...I think that looks really useful...
Thank you Steve Jobs...R.I.P (his family and close friend are in my thoughts) The loss of anyone diminishes us..
Karen said…
I do love my iphone. He was an amazing person, sad to hear of his passing.
He fought the good fight since 2003. Rest in peace, Steve, Your future innovations will be sorely missed.
Pam said…
So sad to lose such an innovator at such a young age.
Heavenly shot of the whirlybird, Denise.

smiles across the miles :D,

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