Floral Friday

I have an account on Google+ and there are photography theme days.   It's hard to keep up.   Did you know there is a Frog Friday?   I don't have any photos of frogs, so I posted this one for Floral Friday.   

I like taking photos with morning dew on the leaves and flowers.   If not dew, then give me some light after a rain.   There's just something so lovely about the drops of water on the plants.   We are supposed to be in our rainy season but it's delayed this year.   Fingers are crossed that we will get at least normal amounts.    We all look forward to some rainy days.   It makes for good bug hunting.   Happy Friday!


TexWisGirl said…
beautiful. love the chickies!
Out bug hunting by that fence again I see. Crazy ladies, aren't they?
Pam said…
Beautiful shots, Denise. little bugs are either good or bad for plants but I can never remember which is which.
ONG said…
Great shots! I'm also on Google + so will check out the themed photo days, thanks for the heads up!
Hello Denise I've just popped over from Brenda's and I really like your blog. I love horses...used to have my own and hope to get another one day. I can't get over how green it looks where you live...here in Kansas it's been dry and it's refreshing to see something so green and lush. I will be back...I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Maura :)
Rural Revival said…
Beautiful images and I just adore your chickens!

Happy Weekend

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