Harry and Gunny Get New Digs

It's Friday and I have several things on my list for the day.   Hard to say what will actually get done but at least it's a list, right?   It's been a hot Indian Summer during September and October.   I was hoping for cooler Autumn temperatures but yesterday was 95 degrees here.   Ack!   We "should" be having more rainy cool days by now, but not so far.   In preparation for the Winter rains/winds, we have decided that Harry and Gunny are going to have a sturdier shelter that won't need constant attention from us.   So our contractor will be here this morning to start the project.   The boys like to help whenever there is work involving their domain, but they are going to have to sit this one out.   Don't need them walking off with the tools for donkey fun and games.    It's okay, they have another 3 acres to run around.   And as long as they have food....well, an eating donkey is a happy donkey.

I have to also share these.   Remember the Magpies?   They do have one job around here.   That's to keep the donkeys free of seeds stuck deep into their donkey hair.     So I guess someone on the ranch appreciates them.      Have a good Friday and I'll write more soon.


Please send a magpie my way... I have a bug on my butt I can't reach!!
TexWisGirl said…
that's hilarious! love it!
Gone Country said…
Love the magpies! Everything has a job to do!

I can't wait to see the new 'digs'!
Lili said…
Oh those pics with the magpies are so funny! I just got caught up with ya over here and I really enjoyed seeing all your images with the birds. Also it was fun to see a pic of you on here too, you don't need lip gloss at all...you look marvelous even after an aggravating day! ~Lili
Only real life can dish up those kind of sweet images! Love that!
Callie said…
Great photos! Love the donkeys and your horses are lovely.
Lore said…
Love the donkey pictures. That Magpie is getting close to getting pretty personal in that last picture. Everything has on purpose here on Earth, don't they?

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