Do you see this property?    It's very nice.   It's not ours.   It belongs to the neighbors and sometimes their cattle.   

Oh yes, and various birds including the buzzards.

We have five acres.   You would think it would be enough room for 17 chickens to roam around and find bugs and seeds.   But no, they must wander and make their chicken mama worry about their safety.   Every morning now, since it has cooled (a little) and we have denser morning fog, the chickens run for this field.   They go out to find the bugs that live under the cow pies.   At least I think that's what they're doing.   And there are rules about free ranging.   Rules that they refuse to follow.   Rules that are in place to keep them safe from hungry foxes and perhaps that bobcat I showed you yesterday.

This is the road.

I'm sorry, but I just have to say it.   I have to.   WHY do the chickens have to cross the road?

It's not safe over there.   And before long they start wandering down the road toward the main road.   And that's when I have to go down there to guide them home.   They just won't follow the rules .   And so I worry.   What's a chicken mama to do?


Judy said…
I totally love that 3rd photo!
Pam said…
Fun post Denise.
Its always greener on the other side.
But my best guess is to make Chicken Mama worry.. its just what chicks do :>)

I love the photos, and can understand why you'd worry--That's what you're supposed to do, because obviously your little chickens aren't and someone has too!! :-)
Love those photos .. you've got a lovely(albeit unruly) flock! ;-)
CountryDew said…
Maybe you need a chicken wire fence?
TexWisGirl said…
oh lordy! just like kids! gotta go out into the world and explore!
Lynne said…
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At least no one is screaming, "the sky is falling". Then as a chicken mama you'd REALLY have to worry!

Great shots, Sis!
Gone Country said…
The grass must truly be greener in that field! And the bugs must be bigger and tastier since they're flavored with cow dung, lol!

I'd worry too! We let our chickens have free reign of our five acres until a hawk came after one. The chicken was smart and ran her hiney as fast as she could towards our porch. She went underneath it. Fortunately, hubby was on the porch and scared the hawk off. After that, Chicken Mama & Papa decided their free-ranging days were over.

Good luck with the rules!
We let our free range until a coyote got quite a few this summer. Now they all have to stay inside the coop area.
Lore said…
Love looking at your chickens. Maybe you can teach your dogs to herd on command.

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