It's Pouring, But....

The thing about animals is they try very hard to stay on routine, rain or shine.   I'd rather take a little extra time to slurp my coffee.   But if I do, there are consequences.   Somebody will always be crowing.

Or pacing.

Or looking for me.

So it's really just easier to get things finished with the animals before I even think about what else I might like to do on this rainy day.     Putting on my muck boots now.   One last slurp.   And off I go!


Ha! Love that you have a peeping tom at your window... LOL
Karen said…
Great header (gee let me guess who made it :0) and terrific shots, love the looking-in-window guy.
Katydid said…
I am a lover of beautiful roosters. If you have ever read my blog you will see that. Your rooster is very handsome.
Enjoy that rain! Wish we would get some rain our way (south of Tulsa). It's been dry way too long.
Gone Country said…
Great shots! Love the rooster and the peeping chick!

I know what you mean about taking care of the animals before getting to enjoy your coffee!

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