Sunday, October 2, 2011

Life is a Chapter Book

Now that I've reached the 50+ age group, I look back at my life and see very distinct chapters.   It's also interesting to see how one moment or event or choice led me on the path from one chapter to the next.    This chapter is a very good one, but the events leading me here started in devastating loss and heartbreak when my late husband passed away 5-1/2 years ago.   After healing for 2-1/2 years, I made the very uncomfortable decision to try meeting someone online.   OMG!   What a very strange ordeal that can be if you're a little shy as I am.   At first, I felt quite inadequate and boring.   And of course unattractive, questioning which photo I should post and how I should describe myself.

I proceeded very cautiously, Emailed with a couple of men, but never got to the point of even wanting to have a phone conversation.   And a date??   The idea was almost torture.    I would send a note to someone of interest and either hear back that they weren't interested or hear nothing at all.   Hearing that someone is not interested is okay because at least they are responding in honesty.   Hearing nothing at all made me feel invisible and I started finding the whole thing amusing.   I pretty much gave up at that point.

A close friend of mine told me, again, that I needed to find someone.   I told him I had tried and wasn't finding it a good experience.   He said, "Try again!"   He told me to tell God or the Universe exactly what I wanted.   I said I had already done that.   He said, "Do it again."   And be specific.   

Literally the next day I went online to check out who's who in the list of available men.  I saw someone new I hadn't seen before.   His profile spoke of wanting someone who loved horses and dogs and wouldn't mind if he went golfing.   My profile spoke of not caring if someone wanted to go golfing, just NOT to ask me to go along.   And of course I had quite a few horses and a couple of dogs.   So I sent him a note.

I got an almost immediate response.   And he called me a few days later.   We talked for an hour.   We met a week later and we have been together for 3+ years.   

I must give a shout out to because without their service I would not be in this wonderful chapter of my life.   

And now here's a photo that has nothing to do with this posting, but I like to share my photos:-)   So here you go.   This is the back of our property after the Winter rains when everything is green.   Enjoy your Sunday!!


Anonymous said...

Well, as you know, Sissy, I found my sweetheart and now Hubby on the Internet as well. I know it has a lot to do with why I also fell in love with the Internet. I am so glad that the Universe brought love into your life too.

Gone Country said...

What a beautiful view! (And yay, for making the picture bigger!)

I'm so glad that you have found someone that makes you happy! I don't know what I would do if I ever found myself in your situation... I didn't enjoy the dating scene the first time around... who knows what it's like today!

Karen said...

I've been following along but having trouble leaving comments, let see if this one goes through..

LOVE your story, so glad things have worked out so well for you.

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