I love TLC's shows, "Say Yes to the Dress" and "Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta" so of course I've seen every episode many times.   My girlfriend and I were talking about them on our day trip today and just laughing about so many lines from the show.    This is one of my favorites.   I just love these Southern women and their expressions.   This is one of those lines that I love, toward the end when the mom says, "We gunna pray about it."    Cracks me up!   I love this show.   I think it might be on tonight so I better run.   New posts will be coming this weekend.   I hope you had a fun Friday.


Beth said…
i love those shows. makes me want to get married over & over again. not that i don't love my hubby now. i just loved the planning, the excitement & hanging out with my mom. we would go every weekend to look for dresses. i got to eat at the olive garden... it was such fun. i really missed that. maybe i should get a job in a dress shop. that is a thought. fun fun!! enjoy those shows. & do have a great weekend. (:
I'm afraid to admit some of these shows are guilty pleasures for me. Too much fun at times! :)
Kelly H said…
"He's not the ordinary kind of groom." Uh, really? LOL

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