Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Moving Up

One of the signs of seasonal change here on the Central Coast is seeing tarantulas on the move.   Because they live in the ground, these hairy beasts could drown during the Winter rains if they don't move uphill.   So in the Fall, it's common to see them walking on the roads in order to reach higher ground.   Then again in the Spring, down they come to their Summer homes.   

As most people, I didn't know much about tarantulas before I moved here.   Of course I knew they were big, hairy, scary looking, and I thought deadly.   The deadly part is not true.   Their bite will hurt, but their venom is weaker than a honey bee.   I've actually come to enjoy seeing them around our property when they're making their move.   Normally they are nocturnal, but their seasonal moves mean they are out in the daytime.   

I saw one today while driving home.   I hope that means our weather will soon cool off and we'll see some rain.   We're stuck in an Indian Summer.   Get moving, tarantulas!   Time to move into Autumn for real.

I've heard other people talk about furry caterpillars and other regional signs of seasonal change.   I'm curious if there are any creatures you watch that give you an indication of weather predictions.

I am not going to post a photo of tarantulas here in case they give you the creeps.   So I needed a photo that had something to do with our regional creatures.   Here's a visiting bobcat, maybe looking for tarantulas?   

I hope you had a good Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the bobcat is cuter... but meaner.

TexWisGirl said...

oh, you'll have to post a tarantula photo! just give warning in case folks don't want to scroll down!

Gone Country said...

I was all geared up for the scary tarantula photo! After all, it is almost Halloween!

I can't think of any seasonal critters here. Our hummingbirds disappear and fly further south if you can believe that! I live in Central Florida and yet they fly further south... go figure!

missing moments said...

Love that bobcat photo...great capture! Seasonally, the hummingbird is the feathered friend who leaves. sigh

Anonymous said...

He doesn't look too big?? Wonderful capture!

Beverly said...

Eek! Don't know what I would do..... We have wolf spiders here that are about the size of a nickel and they give me the willies....so a tarantula would definitely cause a heart attack!!

And yes you are right.....the cold winters snows are approaching....Brrrrrrrr.

Love the bobcat....we have them here on the farm, too....rarely seen, sometimes heard.

Anonymous said...
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Lore said...

The geese. We always look for the geese flying south.

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