No Grandchildren

Nope, we don't have any.   But you all know that my sister does.   So sometimes I just pretend they are mine.   Like when I see a photo of this one.   I just had to post it.   Just had to.   

Enjoy your Sunday.


Gone Country said…
What a cutie pie! She's got a Cheshire grin!
Mer Mer is such a sweet bumpkin... :-)
Lore said…
What a face, with those eyes and that grin! And those curls! Can't help but smile when you see her. I'd claim her, too, if I were you.
CountryDew said…
What a cutie! No wonder you claim her!
Karen said…
That really is just an adorable face :-)
CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! I'd claim her as mine too!!!!
She is darling... a spitfire at times?? Too cute!
missing moments said…
What a charmer! Great capture of this little munchkin!

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