The Race is On

Donkeys have a certain way of playing.   From what I've seen on other blogs, they all have the same games.   One of the many reasons it is VERY important to have more than one donkey.   They pair off and become very attached to one another.   Every day we watch Harry and Gunny go through their play routine and we never grow tired of their antics.   A lot of it is about the chase.

Harry's in front.    Then Gunny.   There is usually a "rear up and smash together" movement.   Also a "bite the knee and tackle" tactic.    Over and over and over.   Every day.   

For some reason,  this song always plays in my head during their running.   Maybe it will stick in your head for the day too:-))


TexWisGirl said…
too cute! glad they have each other!
Not sure about the sticking in my head since I just now watched it.... but it's sure got my feet tapping... maybe I'll give it a try with David tonite with the 'bite the knee and tackle tactic'. LOL
Our friends who have donkeys told us that about their needing a friend--I guess it doesn't matter, 2 or 4 legs we all need them!!
They are adorable -- I can see why you would need to have two. :)
Oh, I just love this!!! :)
Beverly said…
Your two remind me of my much fun to watch, aren't they?
One of my son's best friends has two mini donkeys. Their names are Taco and Burrito. Isn't that a riot??? They are so cute to watch aren't they?

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