Saturday Morning WOW

This is what I saw when I went out to release the hens this morning.   This is SOOC.   We are waiting for the contractor to come and work on the donkey shelter today.   The forecast shows the week after next filled with rainy days.   We'll be ready.

Everyone is showing their beautiful Autumn colors.   We don't do much in the way of changing colors here on the Central Coast.   This is our only tree that tells us the seasons are changing.   Our little crabapple tree.   Soon it will be naked and that's the end of our falling leaves.

Thank you to everyone who is visiting and following my new blog.   I really appreciate it.   Enjoy your weekend!


Yuu may not get the autumn leaf colors, but you certainly get better sunsets and sunrises than we do!
Gone Country said…
Gorgeous sunrise!

We don't get any fall colors here either. I sure am enjoying looking at everyone else's though!
Wow is right... wonder what your 'girls' thought?!
TexWisGirl said…
that is fantastic!!! gorgeous sunrise! good luck with the donkey shelter!
I had to chuckle at your last post of the magpie on the back of the donkeys--I had no idea that when they weren't terrorizing other birds they would be 'kissing the behind of something!' :-) I also had no idea that in your neck of the woods you don't get the full colors! I learned TWO things today!! :-))) I hope you're enjoying your weekend too!!
Giga said…
Niebo wygląda jakby się paliło. Szczęśliwy jesteś z pewnością, że tak mało liści do grabienia. Ja w swoim ogródku grabię i grabię ... . Pozdrawim
missing moments said…
Sunset beauty! Makes me a bit sad when the trees turn naked.

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