Sky Sunday

I shared this photo on Google+ for Sky Sunday.   Mother Nature had painted her sky in beautiful shades of yellow which is a color that makes me happy.   I didn't adjust the colors in this photo, they were perfect in every way.    Have a very good Sunday.


That is incredible, Denise!! It looks a painting with brush strokes across the sky!
This would make a beautiful Thanksgiving card!
Thanks for sharing this. You gave me a huge smile :)
xo, misha
Pam said…
What a magnificent sky, I love the golden hues with the trees in silhouette.
Fantastic shot Denise.

Lynne said…
Lovely sky . . .
Lovely photo . . .
I really like the warm yellow with the black tree branches.
Hilary said…
That's a beauty of a sky.
How pretty! Such an unusual color. :)
How pretty! Such an unusual color. :)
Word Weaver Art said…
Almost too gorgeous to believe.

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