Monday, October 3, 2011

Welcome October

It is so dry here by the end of Summer, the dust is like a fine silt that covers everything.   A little wind, which we often have, doesn't help at all.   So by October, I am long past waiting for our first rain of the season.   It usually comes by the 1st or 2nd week.   And it is most welcome.  
Last Year's Rain

No, it's not here yet.   We have a little rain in the forecast for Wednesday.   Fingers crossed it happens because we humans and the animals are waiting waiting waiting....for a day like this:

Toby Walking in the Puddles

Even if we get a little too wet, we just shake it off and appreciate the smell of wet dirt.   And then we wait for the next rain.

If I had more skills like my sister, I would insert a video here with some catchy music about rain.  Since I don't have those skills, I will have to wait for a rainy day and practice.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That rooster is magnificent reflected in the puddle! You've got photography skills like your sister.

Anonymous said...

But if you were more like me, you would not be YOU! Lovin' all the puddle shots!

Gone Country said...

GREAT photos! I'm crossing my fingers for you that you'll get your rain!

missing moments said...

Love the photos and love that last little guy! Great puddle reflections.

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