Who Has the Answers?

I know how I make decisions when it comes to something very important.   I take my time, I gather information, I weigh the options, and usually end up with a decision I can live with.   When it comes to animals though, I find it so much more of an internal struggle.  It's not just about the cost.    I feel so responsible for them, their well being and happiness.   Even with my chickens, I want them all to live in harmony and be comfortable fulfilling their chicken life.     We just put up a nice shelter for the donkeys because they spent the past winters with something insufficient.   It was good enough, but they looked miserable when it rained really hard and the wind blew for hours on end.   We put up a better house for the chickens so they have a warm dry place on really bad days.   And there is plenty of room for all of them to roost.   We have more dust and dirt in our lives because of the dogs.   They don't get to come in all of the house, but I don't want dogs that have to live outside.   

So we just put up with things and do what we can to make our animals happy.   I believe that some of us are "keepers of the animals" here on Earth.   We take that responsibility and it's important to do it right.   

I sometimes watch TV shows that depict horrible abuse and inhumane treatment of animals.   I read on Karen's blog (I don't know how to do links yet) about the little puppy named Chip who is in scary terrible shape and struggling to survive.   Who are these people?   Are they ignorant or inherently mean?    I just don't understand.    Maybe I put too much thought into it, but I really think about it and just can't figure it out.   I suppose I never will.   

I could ask the wise hen, the Buddha, or the sleeping gnome.   But they don't know either.  


TexWisGirl said…
love your wise hen. we humans can be incredibly selfish and cruel - to each other, to creatures, to this earth we live on.
Wassa madda with Gnome? He looks VERY tired, and I still want a buddha for my garden.

It breaks my heart and my brain to even try to figure out what makes mean people tick.
Janie said…
Nice post. I take care of my animals the way you do. The children (when they were small) and the animals come first. If it means we go without half and half for our coffee, we use milk. If we can't afford milk we drink tea for a while. The animals eat as good as we can possible feed them.. And we try too provide as close to a natural living arrangement for them as humanly possible, and comfortable for them. They didn't ask to be here, behind fences..it was man that domesticated them ..certainly when we take them into our lives, they are our responsibility to care for.
And if for whatever reason we can't care of them any more, it is up to us to find appropriate homes for them.
Karen said…
Amen, people :-)

That's one beautiful hen!
I agree with you... love your hen pic... she's got a good life there with you!
My Kid's Mom said…
I often think that my animals eat better than we do.
It breaks my heart how some people treat their animals. What a lovely hen -- :)
Gone Country said…
I'm exactly like you when it comes to animals. My hubby & I try to give them the best, make them comfortable and happy because they make us happy. Like you, I can NOT understand people who don't like animals let alone treat them so poorly. WHAT kind of person does that? I guess that's one of those questions that we may never know the answer to.

Your wise hen is so pretty!

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