After the Crush

It's chilly.   And a little breezy.   So I was inside most of the day with the heat turned on a little.   I don't like being cold.   I had hoped to get some photos of the vineyards with blue skies, but that didn't work out for me yesterday.   I got out of the truck, took some photos while being a little unsure of my settings on the new camera.   And it was just too stinkin' chilly to stay out there.   Since all the grapes have been harvested and crushed, I will have to plan better next year.

The vineyards look so pretty in their Autumn colors after the harvest and before they lose all their leaves for Winter.   I think by the time we get another sunny day, the leaves will no longer be pretty.   And so the seasons change in wine country too.    Cheers!


TexWisGirl said…
that's gorgeous! thanks for braving the chill to snap it!
Teresa said…
WOW! That is so pretty!
We photographer have to be a tough bunch to get THAT shot! Lol... stay warm!
Pam said…
I love the golden colors of the vineyard rolling across hills.
Keep warm, Denise.
CountryDew said…
Now I am wondering what kind of new camera you have?

It is hard sometimes to step out into the cold to get the right shot. When you can see your breath you know you'd rather stay inside.
Karen said…
What a beautiful shot - glad you braved the chill. I hate the cold too.. as I get older it sinks in the bones, you know?
missing moments said…
Such colorful beauty! I didn't know that the wine leaves would change colors.

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