California Natives

I love quail.   I love having them around my place, watching them scurry about with their little quail families.   And the babies?   Oh so cute, the way they hurry after their parents.   I haven't seen any in a while.   These are from last year, I think.   Please come back, little quail families.   I miss you.


TexWisGirl said…
California quail are so beautiful! would love to see them in person!
We had quail in our neighborhood in Tempe believe it or not. They would scurry in and out of yards and one time even ran across our back patio with babies. Very cute birds.
Hilary said…
What a lovely bird. I can see why you miss them.
Mark said…
They are pretty, I hope they return for your viewing pleasure.
Leigh said…
Hi Denise! I wanted to return the blog visit and thank you for commenting on mine. Great shot of the quail. That is something I'm not sure if we have around here. They certainly are neat birds.
They are such cute little birds!
Gorgeous little birds. How lucky you are to have them. Wonderful capture, Denise. :)
Hope you had a splendid holiday!
xo, misha

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