Calla Lilies

Love love love them!   When I lived near Santa Cruz, they were growing around our property and I would think how amazing it would be to have an entire hillside of Calla Lilies.   I saw one over at the coast on Saturday and played around a little in Lightroom with Split Toning.   How do you feel about a pink Calla Lily?   Of course white is the best, but isn't pink the next best?

P.S.   Updated this posting to clarify.   This is a white Calla Lily which I turned pink in Lightroom with Split Toning which allows you to change hue and saturation on highlights and shadows separately.


Beth said…
just beautiful. when i worked at a florist ... the pink we always worked with was a little darker shade of pink. this is just a pretty shade. lovely. (:
Oh, my! This is lovely, Denise. I've never seen a pink calla (even if it's the exposure, it still looks pink!)

I always wanted Calla Lillies when we lived in Goodyear but never had a good spot for growing them. We transplanted one here in Virginia but the deer made short work of it before it had a chance to grow.

Great shade of pink!
Gone Country said…
I like them too. I tried to grow some here but they didn't do well.

Great shot and I like the pink! Of course, I love anything pink, lol!
Mark said…
That's a beautiful Photo, it should be published somewhere.
Lynne said…
Perfection . . . one of my top flower favorites . . . I like the white but your pink is lovely too . . .
Ellen said…
All of your photos are quite lovely. One of my favorite places is the California coast. I grew up in SoCal and loved taking road trips all along the coast. Thanks for sharing.
I carried one Calla Lilly when J and I married! Thanks for the memory. Almost 7 years now. Wow!
xo, misha
Lore said…
Wow! Who knew you can improve Mother Nature. I like your pink one much better than a white.

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