Not that kind of cloud.   I mean the virtual cloud, the one you can't see.   The one where all your information and files are stored thereby freeing up space on your devices.   If you have a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, the developers of such devices are all driving toward your data being stored in a cloud, then accessible by any and all of your devices.   

So, being in a tech kinda home and with my Sweetie working in said industry, I am considering storing my photos in a cloud.   That would be in addition to having them stored on external drives.   I just don't trust having them in one place, especially on an external drive that may inadvertently fail at any time.   I am wondering how others store their photos.    It's not an exciting topic, but one that is on my mind and I'm looking for a good solution as I add more and more photos to my files.   

Do you use the Cloud?   What service do you use?   Do you have your photos backed up on an external drive?   Do you simply keep them on your computer?   

On another subject, I have completely indulged myself and purchased a new Nikon D7000.   So I am going to sell my D90, the body only.   If you know someone who is interested, please drop me a note.   

No photos this morning, hopefully later.   It's Monday and it's still dark.   I'm moving slowly.   NEED MORE COFFEE.


TexWisGirl said…
congrats on the new camera! i use an external hard drive for my photos. haven't done a cloud or any type of online storage thing yet - besides the picasa web albums that are automatically generated from blogger posts...
I don't use the cloud. Have some older photos on an external hard drive and everything else is right here on my iMac where I intend to keep it. Don't think I wanna do the Cloud thingie. Good luck with the camera sale. Lots of used techie stuff is not selling well right now, or for very cheap prices, probably due to the economy.
Lynne said…
A techie brother, of a friend of mine alerted her to her not to do CLOUD yet. He read in "his stuff" it is not quite perfected. Not sure how reliable that is but sending it your way . . .
For good or bad, I upload all of my photos to Flickr. Costs $25.00 a year for unlimited storage.
Hilary said…
Ooh, I am jealous......nice camera. I love my D$0, but yours is over the top!!!! Congrats.
I have a macpro, and an iphone, and I have yet to figure out how to get icloud to work. Maybe someday.
Thanks for visiting Crazy as a Loom.
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