Saturday, November 5, 2011

End of the Week

What is it about the end of the week?   Is it a time to feel our accomplishments of the past 5 days?   Or maybe a day to think we don't have to do anything if we don't want to?   Most of us, I think, have regular Saturday errands and chores.   Growing up,  it was a day we had to vacuum or dust,  or help with laundry and ironing.   When I was working, it was THE WEEKEND and maybe involved sleeping in or going shopping, getting together with friends.   

At this stage in my life, it's really a day like any other.   And yet the routine changes a little because my sweetie also has the day off from work.   We try to get some things done around here and then he takes the afternoon to relax and watch college football.   I might go see my horses, take some photos, and generally relax too.   I try to make something in the crockpot so we don't have to think about dinner, choosing instead to just graze when we want.   Easy.....that's what Saturday is about in our home.

Yesterday was the day to finish the shower.   The glass was installed and looks beautiful.   The room is very small so I can't get a good photo, but here's the best I can do.   The lighting makes it look a little peachy, but it's not at all.   I am very pleased.

Yesterday we also had rain and it was considerably cooler.   The crabapple tree was holding on to the last of its leaves.   

Whenever I am outside, the chickens are nearby hoping for some treats from Chicken Mama.   These two were marching off to look for bugs once the crackers were gone.

And Sassy stayed right next to me, staring at the camera and probably wondering about the clicking noise.   Chickens are so curious,  I sometimes think they are going to reach out and peck the lens.   But being one of my favorite subjects, I am willing to take that chance.   I just love their detail and animation.      

The weather brought some pretty white clouds and blue skies once the rain had passed.   

It's still dark here this morning.   I wonder what this Saturday has in store for us.   I hope you enjoy yours.   Thanks for visiting my blog.


Lynne said...

Love Sassy!

And "clouds/blue sky" is fabulous . . . reach out and touch!

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

Your ranch is sooo pretty! And I'm jealous of your shower... good looking tile you chose!

TexWisGirl said...

love the chickies and the rooster. so pretty.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

It looks like it's going to be a good weekend--I can see it in Sassy's eyes!! :-)

Madge @ The View From Right Here said...

Your rooster portrait is splendid!!

Kerri said...

I think your bathroom looks GREAT!! and the close up of Sassy is awesome!! She is quite a beauty!!

K said...

Sassy shot - love it! Can I just keep saying that I love ALL your pictures? I do I do. Makes me feels like I have been there. ;)

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