Hanging Around

The tile layer is coming today to do the floor in the hall bath.   So we are hanging around.   No heading out to ride my horse before the rains hit tomorrow.   No running errands in town (yay!).   No taking off with my camera to take photos.   Just hanging around.   But hey, at least I'll have time to edit photos and maybe do a second blog post today:-)   Or I could clean the house:-/

Beau Hanging Around (he's body clipped in this photo)

Chicken Hanging Around

Gulls Hanging Around (with their shadows)

A Hook Hanging Around

Another Gull Hanging Around

So that's it, just hanging around.   What are you doing today?


You made me laugh out loud... I'm just kind of hanging around today too. LOL
K said…
I like it when you have extra time on your hands. Makes me smile. hee hee - chicken.
Comfypjs said…
I wish I could just hang around but my job demands I be here. Blech!
CountryDew said…
That's a lot of hanging around! I wish I could say I've just been hanging around but I've been busy doing homework!
Karen said…
It's a rainy day here... so far I've been out tot he barn and chicken coop for chores.. then in to clean up and back out to grocery shop.. in the rain, yuck. Now headinig up to college girl to bring her home for the weekend.. in the rain.. yuck. And then, hopefully... hanging around by the fire for the evening..doing nothin much.
Teresa said…
I LOVE your pictures! The horse one is fantastic, It made me smile. What kind is he, Curly? I am looking at his back. I am always looking forward each day to see what pictures you post. Have a great day. I have to work today, but have a long weekend this weekend. Hopefully no more snow.
missing moments said…
Thanks for this laugh .. wish I was hanging around!
Gone Country said…
LOVE the horse photo and the chicken!

Clean house? Nah, I vote for a second blog post today!
Country Girl said…
I'm only hanging around for a few more moments, and then I've got to dash out. But this is cool!
shadowlake2005 said…
I am mesmerized by the photo of the hook hanging against the sky... Incredible.

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