Have You Seen Simon?

We ask each other that question every few days.   Simon is our only wild rabbit this year.   He (she?) has stayed around and lives in harmony with the chickens.   The dogs would love to chase him, and they do if they get a chance, but he mostly stays in areas that are inaccessible by the dogs.  

This is Simon.   He has a home under a woodpile and another one deep inside an evergreen shrub.

We are delighted that Simon has stuck around.   We call him Simon because we already have someone named Peter in our family.   In the past, when we had an old wood deck on the front of the house, many many wild rabbits had babies under there.   We would see several babies each year and it was such a delight to watch them run around.   But the downside was that a neighborhood cat would stalk them and it worried me all during the baby bunny season.   As an aside, said cat, whose name was Mr. Jeffers, was spotted alongside the road about a year ago.   He shall hunt no more.   RIP Mr. Jeffers.

We haven't had rabbits besides Simon in the past year.   We replaced the wood deck with concrete and they all moved away.   I have many photos of baby bunnies who lived on our property.   I like to think all of these grew up, moved away to another property, and are raising happy bunnies of their own.


Well of course they are raising families. That's about all bunnies do. That's some cute pics you have of them by the way... you must have a large bunny file in your computer. LOL
Karen said…
So cute! do you leave carrots for Simon now and then?
Lynne said…
So, so cute . . . love the ears . . . , and the pine cone.
missing moments said…
We had our first bunny early this summer but about mid-summer I saw him no more. My hopes were that he moved to a better home!
Simon is the cutest little bunny! How neat to have him/her stay around all year. I hope he/she stays safe. :)
Oooh! Simon is adorable! We have too many coyotes around for wild bunnies to survive. We don't have a lot of hiding places for them to feel safe either.
We did have a pet bunny we kept in the barn in a hutch, but a neighbor's loose dog snuck in under the fence and destroyed the hutch and killed our bunny. It was horrible. So no more bunnies for us.


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