Head in the.....?

Oh good grief, what has happened here?   I think the hens might have gotten wind of our roasting a *gasp* chicken for Thanksgiving dinner.   

If we can't see the Chicken Mama, she can't see us either.

I hope you had a very nice Thanksgiving Day!


They must be traumatized! Hiding their heads like that. Oh well... their butt side is quite cute to look at. :-)
LOL! These are their fronts. They have their heads tucked over and under.
HA! Well they looked like butts to me. LMAO Guess I better go study up on chicken parts!
Gone Country said…
Hahahaha! Your girls are comedians! Great photo too!
Mark said…
LOL, very cute.
So cute! Love those fuzzy butts. :)
missing moments said…
LOL ... love it! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
Hi Denise....LOVE this photo LOL! You just can't help smiling at chickens no matter what they're doing. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!
Maura :)
Rain said…
Love fluffy butts the best!! haha

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