Home Improvements For All

We are in the home stretch with projects....at least I THINK we are.   I won't write about all the little things that are stressful about these projects because you all know what they are.   I will just say this.   After the third day in a row returning/exchanging product at Home Depot, not finding what I need, the employee named Roger came very close to injury when he was hanging around the Returns aisle in his Halloween costume.   Waving a very noisy toy chain saw in the aisles could have been very hazardous for him.   Fortunately he moved away and I stayed relatively calm.   

The chickens have their home all set.   We sometimes rearrange the roosts to help them with their nightly squabbling.   Just like children.   "I was here first."    "That's my spot."   "Move over."    

And now the donkeys have their home all set, except for painting the trim.   That's my job and I haven't gotten that far just yet.  

If you notice, the chickens think we built this new shelter for them.   They take turns laying eggs in the dark corner behind a bale of straw.   I don't have the heart to tell them it's really for the donkeys.

I am so very happy to see "my" Black Phoebe birds returning.   I don't know where they go during the Summer, but they come back home every year.   They used to have a nest under the eave until we did some remodel work 2 years ago.   Last year they were up very high under the eave on the front of the house.   I hope they don't go back up there because I worry about the babies.   Aren't they cute?

And since Halloween is now over (yay!), the chickens are enjoying the pumpkins.   Not much else going on around the ranch.   Well, except for finishing the inside projects.   Soon, very soon.


Rain said…
Wow love your photos-barn especially on last post and chicken eating from pumpkin! Our pig Egor used to love pumpkins the best-I used to go out on the roads and bring him back "pumpkin pies" after Halloween!! My chickies are fussier!! Just found your blog-I know what you mean-it does take time to learn all the ins and outs of blogging! But so many great people!~~Rain
TexWisGirl said…
good luck with the continued home improvements! my guys are almost thru with the siding and will begin painting the house as soon as the caulking is complete. sigh...
We are so far behind on our fall jobs--If you get done, wanna come do mine? ;-) I love the Eastern Phoebe that we get here, one of my favorites in the summer!!
Gone Country said…
The projects are looking good!

Silly chickens... what a big surprise for them when the donkeys 'move' in!
Thanks for the little tour!
We do the same thing with pups and cats each evening-who gets what spot!
I love the pic of the chicken eating the pumpkin! Too funny :)
Have a wonderful day!
xo, misha
Karen said…
Your animals have lovely homes... you done good! And, I didn't think to give my chickens the pumkins!....
Tina said…
Hi Denise, thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and for sending healing thoughts for our Poppy. Unfortunately our sweet little Poppy didn't make it and was euthanized Sunday morning. Sad sad news!
Kerri said…
Great way to recycle the pumpkin!
You've accomplished a lot, did I say A Lot??! Looking good!

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