I'm Lost

This little guy got lost at the barn today so someone placed him on the mounting block where we get onto our horses.   He hung out there so we could see him and take photos of him.    We avoided stepping on him and kept the cats away.    Then I picked him up with a big maple leaf and gave him a ride over to a tree.   It was kind of amazing to watch him pivot his head and keep an eye on me.   So many cool creatures in our world.


Beth said…
what a cool little creature. (:
TexWisGirl said…
beautiful, bright shot!
I generally see and photograph one praying mantis each year. They are way cool!
Mark said…
Wow, there sure is a lot going on with one of those little guys, great photo.
The eyes are the part that get me, I'm not used to an insect watching me... lol!
Great shots!! Praying Mantis are one of my favorite insects, but I have to admit that they look a little spooky to me, so I keep a respectable distance--Thank-goodness for a zoom lens!
When J was about 13, he kept a praying mantis in his room. One day he came home from school and and his Dad was already home...dum da dum.
Zillions of praying mantis eggs had hatched and were everywhere in their home. Millions!!!! They had to leave and have the home exterminated!

But, I do love watching the cats enjoy them each summer outside our screened in porch :)
Praying mantis is not a word J's Dad likes to hear. LOL!
xo, misha
Comfypjs said…
Wow, I do admire that you had the guts to pick him up, with or without a maple leaf I would have been to freaked out to get near him!
stunning macro!

i LOVE your photography and your blog!

have a great day!
I took a few photos of one last summer and they really creep me out for some reason. Great photo!
Ellen said…
My gosh, that's a fantastic photo. Wish I were that talented!
just stopping by to say hi and thanks so much for the follow.
following right back!

have a great day!
CountryDew said…
Great capture. Visually exciting!
Lore said…
What a great experience - getting to see him so upclose-and-personal.

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