Look Down

I enjoy looking at the ground.   There are times during the year when our ground is just brown, dry, dusty, and not very pretty.   But when the rains come, it starts to show beauty.   And I like taking photos of the things I see by looking down.   I think of it as ground art.   It might be dew on the grass, it might be leaves scattered on the pine needles, but it's there if you look.

Buddha and the Gnome know.

There are beautiful things on the ground.

They may surprise you.

Look down.


I HAVE to look down more and more the older I get... otherwise I find myself tripping over things, like steps, rugs, gnomes... you know. Stuff.
TexWisGirl said…
i posted some of those fuzzy feathers about a month ago or so, too. and your bunny is precious!
Comfypjs said…
May I ask what camera & lens do you use?
That little bunny is priceless! SO cute!
Gone Country said…
Great pics! Love the feather and they bunny!

I have to look down all the time otherwise I'd trip over a tree stump or something and that would not be a pretty sight, lol!
Mary Ann said…
What great advice, and great pictures!
Hilary said…
Aww what a little cutie. I'm glad you looked down and captured a photo.. and didn't step on it. ;)
Yes, there are many things going on down there... your little bunny friend is so cute. Hope you are having a marvelous Monday! :)
missing moments said…
Just catching up on your posts! Great shots looking down. And always enjoy your previous ones on the donkeys and chickens!
Pam said…
The whole world is your feet and I'm loving the view, Denise.
Kerri said…
Great post! So much to see if we just take the time to look.

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