Me Me Me

I suppose we all have those days where we need to forget about all the running around, things we must take care of, things we "should" do.   Yesterday was that day for me.   With the responsibility of managing the projects, running around to the various stores, waking up at 4AM thinking about the day,  I just said "No" to everything yesterday.   Well, except for the animals of course.   I was the only one home and it's a given that the animals are cared for.

But then I worked on some photos in my new Lightroom, went to my hair appointment for cut and color, stopped for some sushi and chicken bowl to satisfy lunch and dinner, took a nap, and just did whatever I wanted.   And now I feel rejuvenated.   So I'm going to ride my horse this morning, have the farrier here this afternoon for the donkeys, and enjoy about 10 degree cooler weather (71 degrees).   

I hope you have a good day too.   Don't forget to take time for yourself.


Gone Country said…
Sounds like the perfect 'Me' kinda day! We ladies do need that every now and then especially when life gets hectic.

I'm so glad you're feeling rejuvinated!!

Enjoy your cooler weather!
My me day wouuuld include a photo shoot too! Its always good for a body to have R & R!
A perfect day, in my opinion! So glad you took some time to enjoy your world. :)
Errands can sometimes be over-whelming when you have a lot of them all at once. It's definitely time to relax when they are all said and done at the end of the day.

Love this photo by the way! Great color!

P.S. I looked at Lightroom today and didn't get it AT ALL... loaded a photo and clicked on everything... nothing happened.. GAWD... feel like a dope some days.
TexWisGirl said…
YAY for you!

and i love those golden leaves!
We all need days like this and I admire you for recognizing it, and finding some 'me' time!
Karen said…
It's a necessary evil :-)

nice shot!
CountryDew said…
I personally think the world would be a better place if we could all put the things we love first and the rest of it last. And that includes taking care of ourselves. Imagine how productive we'd be if we were all happy, healthy, and humming along.
Word Weaver Art said…
LOVE! So simple... a yellow leaf... fabulous photograph.

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