More Donkey Games

Our donkeys really don't mind when the chickens are hanging around their pen.   They're pretty used to it.   Once in a while they like to chase them out just for the fun of it.   It's not as if the chickens are any threat for their food.

Gunny spots the intruders and heads their way.

Clarabelle quickly heads toward the gate and escapes, leaving the other two heading into the corner where they could become trapped.    They realize they may be in danger and begin to step up the pace.

He's gaining on us.

Run!!!!    Run for your life!!!!

Whew.   He almost got us that time.

And that's the end of another donkey game.   Just a little fun to pass the time on the ranch.


Tina said…
Oh he is beautiful!
Well, I'm sure the donkeys think you have the chickens just for their amusement. :)
Ashling said…
How very thoughtful of you to give the donkey some chickens! This was a nice afternoon giggle; thank you!
Gone Country said…
Moving toys for the donkeys! You're spoiling them, lol!
TexWisGirl said…
very cute. glad their interactions are friendly ones.
Comfypjs said…
That was hilarious!
Hilary said…
Oh he's adorable. Fun stuff.

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