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I sold my D90 the same day I listed it on Craigs List.   And I was happy because a young couple bought it in preparation for their first baby due in just a few weeks.   I wasn't sure about selling my kit lens, but it just made sense since they couldn't afford the camera and a new lens separately.   So now I am without my 18-105mm, which is fine because I wanted something new as my main lens.   And that new lens will be here tomorrow.   I bought a 28-300mm which has good reviews by some top photographers.   I am still working with my D7000, taking some shots to get used to it. 

I don't usually edit my photos in black and white.   This rose tempted me and I think I'll do more as I go along.

Two relatively nice days and then more rain on Thanksgiving.   It's our rainy season, after all.   And the green grass is starting to grow which makes our California hills very pretty.   Can't wait for that lens!


I really enjoy black and white photos. Many times they just look much crisper than colored, no matter who takes the picture.
How pretty, Denise! I hope you are enjoying your new camera. :)
TexWisGirl said…
sounds like you'll have a good weekend to put the camera and new lens to the test. :)
I love new gear.. have fun with it.. and keeping shooting!
CountryDew said…
Wow, that's a great camera. I love Nikons. I hope you enjoy that a lot!
beth said…
i love black and white anything !!!

i'm so glad you've got your new camera....playing around is so much fun and that new lens you'll be getting, you will adore !!

i have a 70-300 and it's by far my most versatile and fun lens ever :)

and you're loving LR3, too.....did you self learn or take a class...and do you have the book ?
missing moments said…
I love my d7000 and still learning (got it back in the spring). My most favorite lens is my 70-300 but I indulged and also have a 28-300 ( I know, redundant) but it's a good lens for walking around and general stuff. Love my 70-300 for outdoor shots of critters! Have fun and look forward to your photos!

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