Yes, we all consider them, don't we?   I'm trying to fit in the necessary things each day, but then I sometimes can't figure out what I MOST want to do.   After spending many days keeping our home improvement projects moving along, I needed a break.   So I've been focusing on getting my photos into Lightroom from iPhoto, sorting and deleting, and learning more about LR as I go along.   There are days I feel satisfied with those accomplishments, and there are days when I want to spend more time with Beau and taking lessons to improve my riding.   My two passions, if you will.  

I am having fun working on this new blog and I appreciate everyone visiting and commenting.   I've mostly been posting photos the past few days because my mind is full and I can't seem to focus on writing.   So bear with me and I will return with more stories of the ranch.

The sunset view down our road.

We had a frost last night but the sun is shining.   As soon as the temps warm up, I am going out to ride my horse.   Big priority today!!


missing moments said…
Oh, so can relate with the choices! Love the picture and how the roads merge in the distance. Great job!
Pam said…
Now that's what I call an amazing sky. The sun will warm you up, have a fun ride, Denise.
Sunshine here trying to break through the somewhat cloudy skies which are headed for a rainy day tomorrow. Your skies are just THE BEST!
Karen said…
I need to spend more time riding my horse. Sometimes I have to MAKE myself because there are other things I should be doing. Says WHO??.. :-)
Jenny Woolf said…
Wow what a beautiful picture, I feel like galloping down that path into the rising sun!

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