Why Don't You Stay

Good Morning everyone!   We had some rain last night and it's much cooler today, so I think our Indian Summer may be over.   (Insert Cheer)

I've already sealed the grout in the new shower floor this morning and the glass should be installed later this morning.   (Another Cheer)

The donkeys spent their first rainy night with their new shelter and I imagine they were quite cozy.   We spent some time in that same shelter yesterday, the three of us, while I haltered them, wormed them, and waited for the farrier.   Needless to say, even with the Ritz crackers, they were ready to LEAVE the shelter when we were finished.   They are, after all, independent little guys who don't like to be restrained.   

I'm going to try to get in a little photo taking today if the skies don't open up and/or stay too gray.    I look at the remaining leaves on the crabapple tree and keep thinking of the song, "Why Don't You Stay" by Sugarland.   I wish the leaves would stay, but it's not meant to be.

 The chickens are out looking for tasty morsels in the wet ground.   If they don't find them, they still have pumpkin leftovers.

I don't roast the seeds because that would spoil the best part for the chickens.

Don't you just love the Autumn colors?   Makes me just sit and sigh because it's such a perfect season.


TexWisGirl said…
lovely images. even chickens eating pumpkin guts says 'fall'. :)
Totally love autumn colors and wish they could stay year round. Our colors are fading fast... soon it will be no more golds and oranges and reds... just brown and more brown.

You've been a busy gal today!! Hope you saved time for a cup of coffee.
Reminds me I have a watermelon I need to feed my birds. Thanks! :)
My Kid's Mom said…
My leaves are almost gone:(
Lynne said…
Autumn really is a perfect season . . . warm colors, cooler weather, bountiful fruits and veggies . . .

This autumn weather alone makes me happy and generally speaking, I think most people feel happy in this season.

Your photographs are wonderful . . .
Sharon said…
Your photographs are beautiful! I love the ones of the chickens eating the pumpkin!
Marilyn said…
I have enjoyed my journey on your blog. Your chickens are really pretty. I can see why they are the focus of your attention and photos. They blend in well with the autumn colors. Nice work.

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