You know how some days you wake up and just feel a little off balance from the start?   I had one of those days yesterday.   And it continued when my horse was also having an off day.   That meant my ride wasn't so much fun.   Then I got home and UPS had been here while I was away, attempted to leave my new camera, but left a note instead saying they needed a signature.    GAH!!!

I contacted UPS and they were so helpful, arranged for me to drive out east of here and meet their driver.   So I got my new camera.   And the people at UPS are my new best friends du jour.

What this means is I am going to get out and take more photos that make me happy.   And share some of them with you.    As soon as the fog lifts.....and as soon as I have a cup of tea.....and as soon as I do a few other things.   


My Kid's Mom said…
Have fun with the new camera!
TexWisGirl said…
wow! you have some of the best UPS service in the country out there! here they'd just make you wait until the next day (or two) to try again!
Karen said…
What TexWisGirl said!!.. love the sunflowers.
Gone Country said…
Ooh! A new camera... how exciting! Have fun playing with it!
On a cold dreary day in Virginia, your picture provides some great warmth!! I'll look forward to seeing how you and your new friend get along! :-)
Ashling said…
Looking forward to those photos!
CountryDew said…
New camera! Yay! Looking forward to lots of cool shots. I appreciate your sharing your world with us.
missing moments said…
New camera ... woohoo! Look forward to your new shots!
"As soon as" sounds like my daily mantra. Since we live in New Mexico, it probably should be "Mañana".


Congrats on the new camera. :)


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