Christmas Past

Merry Christmas to all my friends I have met here since I've been blogging.   I know many of you feel nostalgic during this season.   I do too.   So I am sharing a few photos from long ago at our home in Iowa.   Have a wonderful holiday!


TexWisGirl said…
definitely a simpler time... :)

merry christmas to you!
Love these photos! They are some that I don't have so I'm going to snag them from this post, or if you would e-mail to me sometime that would be sweet. I remember that dress and how much I loved it, had forgotten about that sweet little suitcase, and also forgot that there were cupboards in the family room under the sink. Also forgot I had that radio... GOSH... the things we don't remember, huh. SLINKY!!!!!
I love the old photos and the memories that they bring!! I'm pretty sure my family had the same furniture!! :-)

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!
Warm look back... Merry Christmas! I have enjoyed visiting you and your blog this past year…
sophie...^5 said…
Slinky slinky...everyyone has a slinky....Season's Best!!
Beth said…
luv the old pics. so neat. Merry Christmas!! (:
Karen said…
Love these old pics, oh for those simpler times.

Merry Christmas, Denise!
CountryDew said…
Merry Christmas! Thank you so much for your blog!
missing moments said…
Love the old photos and memories! Merry Christmas from one ole Iowa girl to another!
I love looking at old pics. Thanks for this :)
xo, misha
Great photos of times past.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday, Denise. :)
Kerri said…
Hope you had a GREAT Christmas!
LOVE seeing old photos like this .... wonderful memories :)

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