Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kitchen Window

A kitchen window is a Must Have for me.   My kitchen is not very big and it's important to have the extra light and just generally be able to see what's going on.   Who's driving down the road.   How many chickens are wandering down to the main road.   Watching the donkeys play.   And once I saw a fox outside that window, waaaaay too close to my chicken yard.   

I have a normal sized window with two shelves.   There have been times when I've had both shelves filled with things I like.   Plants, cut glass, just whatever looks nice and makes me smile.   The problem with that, however, is it blocks the view.   So I was always looking through things, moving things to the side, and they ended up looking haphazardly placed.   So now, as you can see, there isn't much on my shelves.   Nothing on the top shelf to obstruct the view, the taller items on the bottom shelf to one side so I have a clear view on the right.   It doesn't look so decorative right now.   And it's hard to clean on the inside because of the depth.   

If/when we are able to remodel the kitchen, we won't be able to enlarge the space.   But we've discussed eliminating one cabinet to the left of the sink and enlarging the window.   I think I might like a regular window that's set out far enough to have a nice wide sill instead of a garden window like this one.   

The little cup on the shelf is something I found recently, a piece of pottery that my son Alex made when he was young.   Of course it's a treasure.   The tiny little glass figurine is a rooster.   The orange chicken is a cookie jar that my girlfriend gave me for my birthday this year.   And the other item is a wine cooler which is not used for that.   One of those items that can be donated very soon.

The pictures on the far wall are in the hallway that goes down to the bedrooms.   They have been taken down since I'm painting that hallway to a lighter color to brighten it up and make it appear larger.  I want to frame some of my own photos and place them on that wall rather than hang those again.   And of course the usual cereal boxes on top of the fridge.   Always handy.   I don't have room in the cabinets for large cereal boxes.    And the lighting!   Ugh, it will most definitely be replaced into a higher ceiling.   

And so that's my kitchen window.   It's something I look at and consider daily.   It functions but it's not my dream window.   Maybe someday....


Lore said...

A kitchen isn't complete without a window over the sink to look out of while you work. I daydream while doing dishes and looking out of mine. Hope you get your dream kitchen soon. But don't wait to frame your photos and get them hung. They're too good to keep hidden away.

Anonymous said...

My kitchen has one window at one end and two at the other in the dinette area. None over the sink and it annoys me to have to stare at a wall when at the sink. Looking forward to the perfect kitchen one day, but it won't be in this house.

Kelly57 said...

I'm a kitchen sink window gal too. A must on my househunt list. Although mine currently is used to tap on the glass and then shake my finger or head at the crazy children outside it. Having some of your favorite things there is perfect. ;)

www.FarmLifeLessons.blogspot.com said...

You and I have very similar goals for the kitchen window...it's funny how something like a window over the sink can bring such joy.

If we have to stand in that zone, daily, doing chores, at least the view can be something that expands the heart!!!!

I signed up...catching up on reading and enjoying it!!!


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