Monday Morning

Hi Bloggers.   From reading your blogs, it sounds like you've had very nice holidays.   We were very quiet since we have no nearby family.   But it was still nice.   We kept the food simple since neither of us needs to indulge too much.   Yesterday we had a filet roast and baked potatoes.   It was very tasty.   I had promised to make fudge on Christmas Eve so that is still sitting on the counter.   Well, not all of it, but some of it.   The pecan pie is gone.   The chickens just finished a good portion of the pumpkin pie that we decided not to finish.   And there is still food in the fridge to make soup and have some leftovers.   I smell bacon in the kitchen right now, being cooked along with the three warm eggs I already got from the hens this morning.   I'm not having bacon and eggs but it sure smells good.

Our Christmas Night sunset was very nice.

And this morning.   You can see we keep decorating to a minimum but we enjoy's just enough for us to feel the spirit of the holiday.   And even my monk is wearing a green Christmas ribbon.   

If you notice the empty wall behind my table?   I am wanting a decorative mirror for that spot.   I've had my eye on one at Pier One so I think I'll check their after Christmas sales.   It would look perfect!   Even my sissy likes it, and you all know how much she enjoys decorating.   


Christmas was a bit subdued here at our place, kids are grown and gone... to be enjoyable though it doesn't have to be over the top! Sounds like you've had a peaceful, good time...
Beth said…
quiet & simple is good. (:
Your Christmas sounds like ours--Except we didn't have the tree! Simplicity is so nice, especially during the rush of the holidays, isn't it?
Rural Revival said…
Fudge sounds yummy, but I'm trying not to indulge too much this season either.

What I could indulge in is that gorgeous sunset; it's beautiful!
Sounds like a perfect day, Denise. Can't wait to see your new mirror. :)
CountryDew said…
So did you get the mirror?

Glad to hear you had a nice, if quiet, holiday. I personally think quiet is *very* good.
I love the statue on the hearth! At first I thought it was St. Francis of Assisi!
Have yourself a wonderful day!
xo, misha

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