Those Darn Peckers

The best I can tell, we have a Ladderback Woodpecker, a Red or Yellow Breasted Sapsucker, and one other rather elusive pecker.   I get very poor photos of them, either through the window or from a distance outside with them constantly moving around.   This is a close-up of what they are doing to my Crabapple tree.   

Isn't that crazy?   Those are huge holes!   

Here's the Ladderback (I'm pretty sure I've identified it) through the kitchen window, working on one of our Redwood trees.   It's a great hiding place for their treasures.

More damage, pretty major.

I don't know which type of Sapsucker this is.   All I know is he's very busy and I wish he'd move away.


TexWisGirl said…
beautiful sapsucker, but, yes, very destructive! holy (holey) smokes!
Porch Days said…
We have lots of woodpeckers around our house but have never seen damage like that in a live tree. I thought they liked dead trees better. Can you look on Google and find info about how to distract or discourage them? Nancy
Will e-mail you the photo of the Bradford Pear tree they are destroying next door and the fence as well. Love these birds, but they really destroy trees with their habits.
We've had our share of damage to our trees from the woodpeckers, but nothing like this. The ones we have, are focused on a dead tree that needs to be taken down, but I think it's one of the favorites, because it is really pecked, and I think that if it keeps them away from the healthy ones, maybe it should just stay...
Lynne said…
They are fun to capture in a photo but oh my . . . are they destructive! The front of our house and trim is cedar and the woodpeckers think it is their domain to attack the trim around the fireplace wall. It drives my hubby CRAZY . . . We can't believe the holes they have created. It makes for an interesting, frustrating and challenging repair project.

(Do I dare say they might be "pecking" elsewhere of late?
Knock on wood . . . smile . . .)
Lore said…
I had no idea they could do that kind of damage. Amazing!
Kelly57 said…
Wow - he's a busy boy!
Kelly57 said…
Meredith wants to know WHY WHY WHY are they doing that? What are those holes? And the most important, Can we pet him? ;)
Donna S. said…
Wow!! We lived in a cedar sided home & when we heard them we had to go running to shoo them off. But I have never seen damage like that.
That last shot is gorgeous! :)
Nice blog! You have so many farm animals and great surroundings!
Poor tree! This looks crazy!
Greetings from Switzerland
Yvonne & Raphael

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