Today's Bounty From the Hens

My chickens are laying eggs like they are solely providing the entire community.   I got a dozen from them today and I haven't even checked the bushes.   It's warm and sunny and I guess they are feeling pretty good.    I gave away another 3 dozen yesterday and still have about 7-8 dozen in the refrigerator.   And now these!   I love gathering eggs!   Can you tell that 2 of these are green?   And my Wellsummers (both of them!) have started laying again.   They give me a little chocolate brown egg.  (No, not REAL chocolate, but wouldn't that be special?)   I had thought one of them had damage from an injury and wasn't going to lay.   So yay for her!!    If you want some fresh eggs, come on over.


TexWisGirl said…
wow! you've definitely got an overflow going there!
Time to put a sign out at the end of the driveway for 'free eggs'?

Love the picture and it looks like you've made some changes to the blog on your own... YAY YOU!!
Beth said…
how exciting!! love the new header. so pretty. (:
What a beautiful photo! I wish I come come over and get a dozen from you, I'd be there in a flash!

Happy New Year!
Comfypjs said…
If only I lived closer! Farm fresh eggs are the best :D
beth said…
i love eggs and chickens....did i ever tell you about the book "still life with chickens"'s the best !
Janie said…
Mine aren't laying that much but they are getting stated with the days getting longer..funny how even a few minutes makes a difference.. I will have to visit the house a few times a day now, I hear next week we are getting a blast from the Arctic..don't want them to freeze.

I am re-thinking my decision to only get 6..should have got a whole dozen. All of a sudden people want them!

Yours look great...and I love my green eggs too....haha..
Country Girl said…
If I lived closer, I would love to come over for your eggs. They are incredibly beautiful. There was a time in my life, when for several years each summer for 2 weeks, I housesat for a family who had a myriad of animals. One of my jobs was to collect the eggs from the hens, then deliver them to the locals who had ordered them on a regular basis. I don't remember the types of hens, but the eggs were different colors such as the ones you have here. There were goats to milk (that was fun to learn - not), errands to perform, the garden to manage. I loved those 2 weeks. And I'd like to thank your eggs here for jarring my memory bank tonight ~~
Rural Revival said…
Beautiful! Such a wonderful gift they give us. Lovely header photo!
Pam said…
You are are a kindhearted neighbor to give away all those beautiful eggs.
When I was young, I loved helping my grandfather collect eggs, except when the nasty roster chased after me.

Happy New Year.
Lovely... I keep a vintage wire egg basket full of 'blown' eggs... alas my green and blue eggs have faded to almost white now... but I love them still! Lucky neighbors of yours... hoping 2012 is a very good year for you my friend!
Word Weaver Art said…
I stumbled across your blog yesterday... love your style of writing... love your photos... as a painter, I can just imagine so many of them on canvas...
I decided to start at the beginning and read my way through your journey. So, I've finished 2011. I especially loved that you jumped in with a daily post, then after a couple of months reevaluated and said that daily just wasn't you. I went through a similar process. We have to find our style, don't we. I look forward to the next year.

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