Monday, December 5, 2011

Up or Down, In or Out

I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with this day.   I spent the morning practicing with my camera and the 28-300mm lens.   I had really hoped that would be more of a walk-around lens, but it's pretty heavy along with the camera.   I have a difficult time holding it steady enough with the weight.   So I bought a monopod and now I'm not sure if I have the one I want.   *sigh*   Should I return the monopod and order another or just keep it and work with it?   I love the lens and am delighted in the results when I have it steady.   But what is my walk-around lens?   My 55-200mm?   It's not as good a lens but maybe it's good enough.   I can't decide.

I put a big organic chicken from Trader Joe's in the crockpot and now I can't decide what I want to make with the meat.   The chickens (mine, the live ones) made short order of the scraps after I took it off the bone.   Carnivores, each and every one.   They had no trouble deciding.

I am still wearing the sweatshirt and pants I put on when I crawled out of bed this morning.   I never left the ranch and nobody seemed to care what I was wearing.   I finally washed my face just in case I decided to go somewhere.   

I thought I might go out to the barn today but never got around to that either.   I wonder if the heavy frost last night froze my brain somehow.   Up or down, in or out, I have days where I just can't decide.


TexWisGirl said...

the chicken at the end was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Soooo, not sure you like the monopod? Is it too lightweight?

missing moments said...

Your shots are great and the shame of those carnivores, eating their own!

Mark said...

I think we all have days like that, just can't decide sometimes, so I end up doing nothing. Love the shots.

Gone Country said...

Great action shot and the light on all these is gorgeous!

If it were me, I would return the monopod and get the one you like. You may have to check out a couple different ones before you find the one for you. I think you'll be happier with the longer lens if you're able to use it on the monopod while walking around.

I have a LOT of those indecisive and don't get dressed kinds of days lately, lol!

Comfypjs said...

Your chickens ate the left over chicken meat on the bones? Somehow that doesn't seem right :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Cannibal Carnivores. Chickens eat just about anything. I always think it's weird when we feed our chickens our chicken dinner scraps. Their favorite treat is dead mice that we capture in traps. Mmmmm! Tasty.

Fun pictures that tell a story. Great action shot at the end, too.


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