Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to Cowgirl Boots

I have 3 horses.   I used to have 16 horses, so 3 feels pretty good right now.   Two of my horses are for sale because they don't fit my changing plans.   Angel is my "just turned four" filly who is beautiful but not right for me as a riding horse.   Beau is my beautiful and talented show horse.   I have learned some about riding dressage and he has been such a great partner for me these past 2 years.   I love him.   But I do not want to go forward with dressage riding and he should go back into the show ring with a new person who is more dedicated to riding.   

Angel Strutting Her Stuff

I also have Fancy, my very special mare.   I used to ride her but she has taken a back seat as she's getting older and also has a riding time if, "I'm done, your quarter ran out."   I want another horse like Fancy.   I want to put my riding breeches and half chaps away.   I want to ride in my jeans and cowgirl boots again.   

Some of you know horses like I do.   As soon as we were about ready to take a video of Beau to include with the online ads, he clunked his foot with his other shoe and has some soreness.   Nothing major, just requiring some ice and stall rest.   So a little delay.   Also, in order to have him performing at the top of his game, my trainer is working him while I am not riding him.   

All of this means that I don't have a horse to ride right now.   And I need something to ride.   So my friend and I are going to seek out some options this week.   A lady outside Paso Robles has a huge arena filled with trail obstacles...little bridges, poles, gates, etc.   People use this to learn trail for fun and/or competitive trail showing.   We are going out there to meet with her and see if she has any lesson horses we could ride. We may also go look at a couple quarter horses for sale, just to see if we might like them once we both sell our show horses.   I have been a dedicated Morgan Horse person and just don't know if I can ride something else.   So it's an exploratory mission:-)

I need to ride.   My energy depends on it.   My emotional well being depends on it.   

In the meantime, I have more time for Photography.   And cleaning the house.....and Photography.   And not cleaning the house:-)

Another shot from Morro Bay.


Rain said...

Ta hell with the house........get on a horse!! too short! Short ride on a slow old horse is still on my bucket list!!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Isn't if funny how us horsey people crave this!
And, yeah. To hell with the house!
When I was little I kept a barn pristine. My room-not so much :)
xo, misha

Mark said...

Get on a!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Sounds like you are going to have an exciting week -- great that you know exactly what you want. That's a great start. :)

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Sounds like you are going to have an exciting week -- great that you know exactly what you want. That's a great start. :)

BillyZergling said...

I just bought my wife some new horse riding chaps she goes out for a short ride come back 4 hours later, covered in mud and said she went on a different path. Well the chaps are ruined already lol.

missing moments said...

I vote for photography and NOT cleaning the house!

Daryl Edelstein said...

I'm with Reena, leave the house .. go riding .. go photo taking! GO!!!!

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