Yes, I got out and took photos today and I will share them.   But I just loved this one.   Isn't he cute?


eileeninmd said…
Just blog hopping and found yours, what a great capture! Fantastic photo.
Pam said…
Hi Denise, What an amazing shot of the bee approaching the rose. I love the blue in the background.
Rain said…
Amazing picture! Great job!!
Beth said…
what luck. so pretty. great shot. (:
Mark said…!
All the details make me want to again thank God for being super cool. Love it!

wow! love it!

simply stunning!
Daryl Edelstein said…
Applause! What a neat capture ..
shadowlake2005 said…
I NEVER thought a bee could be cute before.
Ellen said…
The California coastline is one of my favorite places. I have lived all of my life in California except the last 7 years. Some of our best vacations were spent traveling the coast. Thanks for the pictures.

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