Drive By or Stop?

We all have routes we travel, sometimes daily or maybe less frequently.   I take the road to my trainer's barn all the time.   And I look at things as I pass by, although it's less than a 10 minute drive door-to-door.   We live in one of the big wine regions of California and as such, there are many vineyards and wineries scattered around.   They each have their own mark on the landscape and it's fun to visit them on occasion.   

This winery is obviously very Old West and rustic in its style.   They even have a small train that runs through an adjacent property.   I stopped to take this photo yesterday, feeling inspired by Daryl at and her love of water towers.   We don't have a lot of water towers around here, rather water tanks on the rural properties.   Many of the old water towers are for show, as this one at Pomar Junction.   I processed it in color and B/W.   I can't decide which I like better.   This is for you, Daryl.


Love the vintage-y look to this photo, Denise. :)
TexWisGirl said…
what a cool sight! for show or not!
missing moments said…
Love this photo in B&W.
Daryl Edelstein said…
I love it .. its awesome and the monochrome makes it even better! Thank you Denise .. xo
CountryDew said…
I love the b&w! Great photo.

Also love your header!
Cute. It reminds me of the old show Petticoat Junction. Love it in b&w.

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