In The Hood

We have so many creatures around here, it's fun to drive into town and see the variety.   I was going into town recently when I spotted this group standing just inside a drive.   So I pulled over, just enough to get off the road, roll down the window and take a shot with my point and shoot.   I got two photos when suddenly a propane truck came barreling in behind me to go up that drive.   The deer scattered and I pulled out quickly to let him pass.   Slow down, people!    We have deer around here all the time, but not usually standing around in a clear spot during the daytime.

A couple weeks before, we were driving back home and I was pretty sure I saw a heron by the side of the road.   We are not on the coast, rather inland with no lakes or big rivers nearby.   So I thought, "Huh?"   On this day when I saw the deer, I saw the heron again as I drove further toward town.   Errrrrrr (that's the sound of me pulling over)

I was quite far away, standing behind my truck, being super stealthy.   But he/she knew I was there.   Every time I moved a little closer, he moved too.   Then he went into his own super stealth mode.   What the heck?   This is ranchland.

I found it pretty amusing.   A lady across the road came out to get her mail so I asked her about the heron.   She had no idea, but said they'd been hanging around and were known to eat the fish out of the stock tanks.    Are they lost?   I don't know.

I was sitting at my computer mid-morning today and heard the dogs barking.   Nothing new there, but I looked out to see what was going on.   There was a heron sitting down on one of our fences with the donkeys grazing nearby.   Trying again to be stealthy, I got my camera, then slowly slid the door open a little.   Zoey acknowledged me (no stealth with her) and the heron took off before I could get a shot.   

I'm on heron lookout now.   Very strange happenings in the hood.


There is a blue heron at Greenfield, the pond we sometimes go to to walk the pups, but it's always hiding in the tall reeds so I've never been able to get a shot of it.

People just drive too fast, don't they.
Such fun things to find on the road to look at!

beth said…
all those deer. right there. in front of you.....i'm so jealous !!
Interesting... I've never seen a heron hunting out of the water!
Pam said…
They are plentiful around here but are shy and hard to shoot also.
I enjoyed your delightful tale, Denise.
Pam :)
Martha Z said…
Around here egrets often hunt in the meadows but the heron seem to stick to the wetlands. Perhaps the lack of rain is forcing all of the critters to look farther for their meals.
missing moments said…
Wowza ... look at that deer! Zoey needs to go into stealth training!
Word Weaver Art said…
Isn't it great to be at the stage in life where you have the time to notice and to stop to appreciate!

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