Less Can Be More

Sometimes I just stand in awe of the brilliant red and orange sunsets that we see here on the Central Coast.   Other times, the subtle colors before the brilliance is more appealing for a photo.   I was in the "less is more" mood last evening.


Love the shadowy trees against the blue clouds! Would make a lovely header :)
xo, misha
A bit of cloudiness this week in your area? We are having two days of sunshine and LOVING it!
Reena Walkling said…
Yep, sometimes less is better!
Tabor said…
Regarding your comment I do use a 300 telephoto lens. It is very difficult to capture birds with a regular lens since they do not come close. Even with this I have to be careful of my settings!
Daryl Edelstein said…
sweet little bird there ..
It's lovely...I hope you're having a good Thursday!!
Yes, sometimes less is more. It is always breathtaking with all the colors in the sky.

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