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Okay, we all know what happened with the football game so we don't need to revisit the details here:-(

I don't shop very often, as compared to years past when I had a good job and lived not too far from a Nordstrom.   Ahhhh, I remember the smells and the piano playing.   *sigh*    But this is not a fashion blog so only occasionally do I show you something new.   I have needed a warmer coat and purse (or handbag if you prefer).   Well, not so much needed a purse as wanted a purse.   I have others but they are getting past their prime, languishing in my closet.   

So here we have my new coat and purse, modeled by a dining room chair.

I don't know that it's warm enough to visit any of you friendly bloggers in the Midwest or Eastern climes, but it's good for California.    

All my previous whining about lack of rain came to an end over the weekend as we happily received somewhere between 2 and 3 inches Friday-Saturday.   We had a break yesterday and then it poured again.   This one was another gully washer so it will be interesting to see the totals.   By the end of the week it's supposed to be 70 degrees again, which means the grasses will start to grow and we will soon have green hillsides again.   Sing Hallelujah!   Or at least smile and clap for us.

Everything was washed and cleaned by Mother Nature.

Erik planted a few more trees for us.   Last year he put in about a dozen new bare roots and they are all doing well.   It would be so great to have some fruit this year but they are still pretty small.   I live by "an apple a day" and my favorites are Fuji.   So we put in two Fuji trees.   Yay!   I can't wait for my own apples someday.   And because we have a lilac bush that delights me, we planted another one.   The first one was planted by the previous owner and I'm not sure how old it is.   It's good to have new stock sometimes.

Of course the chicken inspectors helped, as always.   They had to measure the depth of the hole, check the quality of the soil, and make sure there were no unwanted bugs around the new trees.

And finally, a rainbow smiled on us this afternoon, just before the last of the rain came down.   

It's all good at the end of the day.


THAT IS a gully washer. I'll be you're going to love all those new trees in a few years. I'd love to have a few more closer to the house for shading purposes, but all the ones I like that grow fast make me sneeze.. LOL

Perfect rainbow by the way. Every rainstorm should end that way.
I'm back... forgot to say how much I like your coat! Sweet!!
Hilary said…
What a beauty of a rainbow and I love your taste in handbags. It's a great looking piece.
Lynne said…
Yes . . . moving on . . . sad though when the team we want looses . . . great reason to buy a new coat and handbag!
Kelly57 said…
Loving the purse! That model of yours needs to put some meat on her bones.

Your chicken comments always crack me up. Good thing you have such dedicated supervisors. ;)

Rainbow made my mouth go O. Hugs for a great week to you!
Mark said…
My Kid's Mom said…
I like the purse! Hope the new trees do well!
Daryl Edelstein said…
LOVE that shade of blue .. love it and that is a very nice coat and the bag .. does it have lots of inside pockets? I am always on the look out for a new bag, the 'perfect' black bag with lots of pockets inside ... and I am in love with your chickens, they are so colorful .. I am pretending not to notice the rainbow .. you know how Erik feels about the Giants win? Thats how I feel when I see someone else's rainbow shot: bummed out to the max it wasnt mine!
Rain said…
And why didn't you model the coat and bag instead of the chair!! Looked good-but would have looked better on you!! Rain ugh-it rained here and left us with still the 3 inches of sheer ice on all driveways!! We remain faithfully thinking SPRING!!!
Karen said…
I just love that rooster!
beth said…
actually, that coat would be perfect for wisconsin this year with the totally amazing mild temps.....

and rainbows that smile are such a gift !!
Pam said…
To dry, to wet, but it is a good life anyway especially with your new attire.
sophie...^5 said…
I heard about your rains...we are in the midst of rains right now after minus 18 degrees Celsius weather...high highs and low lows...so hard on the aching body...I hope your trees take off and produce lots of Fujis..love them all well.
Yep, that's a gully washer! We are finally getting some much needed rain this evening...no gully washers, just nice soaking rain.
Our yard is in much need of some trees and the ones I have planted aren't growing as fast as I would like. My s-i-l planted some Sycamore roots for me this last fall and I'm hoping they'll take off in no time providing better shading around the house.
Reena Walkling said…
Love the rainbow and chicks and coat and ...well, I guess all of it! Congrats on the rain!
Your rooster is gorgeous! I just love his coloring!
I agree with Lisa. That rooster is awesome! And your coat/purse combo is very cute.

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