To Mouse or Not to Mouse?

My trainer has 4 cats.   I don't have cats because I am allergic to them, but I enjoy watching them and think they are so very pretty.   I love their different and funny personalities.   I had cats when I was younger and thoroughly enjoyed them.

My name is Gizmo and I am a mouser extraordinaire.   Do NOT come near me if I have a mouse because I will growl at you and warn you away.   I mean it!   I will let the dogs hunt with me if we need to capture a mouse from behind something.   But of course it's my catch.

See how tall and sleek I am?   Just like a panther.

My name is Jingles and I live in the hay barn.   Because it's so comfortable in there and I have plenty of cat food, I don't often come out.   But when I want some attention and sunshine, I can be so very charming.   And I am so pretty because I spend a lot of time washing myself.   Gizmo and Simon bother me a lot and don't seem to understand that I don't feel like playing their stupid games.   I am about 12 years old and I am way beyond that.   Also, I see no need to waste my energy catching a mouse when there is always a very full bowl of cat food sitting nearby on a bale of hay.   

Oh my gosh, the sun feels so good!

Denise thought I blended in so nicely with the ground and could NOT stop taking photos of me.   I understand completely.


TexWisGirl said…
i love barn kitties. i like all kitties, but w/ 4 big dogs, a barn cat is all we have...
Comfypjs said…
Jingles looks like my cat who is not a barn cat but a house cat!
I think cats are pretty, but they kind of freak me out because they are so sneaky... also have that allergy thing.. achoo!
Hartwood Roses said…
I love barn cats. They are the perfect example of cats being cats, and we have an opportunity to watch them from afar to see how their various personalities interract. I'm such a sucker for old cats ... Jingles is beautiful.
Cats were my first love, if you can believe that! I always thought I'd end up being some crazy cat lady and am now 'a crazy dog lady' instead! But calicos and tuxedo cats were always my favorites, and we've had one of each--I hope I'll have more in the years to come! :-)
Cats do make for interesting photo subjects. They each have such unique personalities that manage to come through the lens.

Love the photos you took, Denise. :)
shadowlake2005 said…
You captured them beautifully. ;)

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