A Wow Sky

We had lingering clouds throughout the day but it was clear and no wind.   I was ready to get the chickens in to their house tonight and saw the sunset.   So I took quite a few shots and chose this one.  This is completely unedited except for a small crop.   I sometimes share photos on a local TV station's Facebook page.   Their meteorologist shows selected photos during the newscast.   I've had some selected in the past but hadn't posted any in a while.   But this one made the news tonight.   It's not a huge deal but it's kinda fun to hear my name mentioned on TV.   So here it is, just for you, my lovely bloggers.   LOL!

We are supposed to have high surf this weekend so I really must drive to the coast.   Surfers will be out enjoying it and I want some new photos to share.   Please encourage me so I just go do it!!


TexWisGirl said…
really flaming! gorgeous!
No fabulous sunset here...just cloudy, windy and cold. Love your shot! Congrats on being featured on your local news... that's neat!
shadowlake2005 said…
Beautiful. Makes me think of my old Ray Bradbury books.
Gorgeous orange! I'm honored now to know someone that's been on tv! :)
Karen said…
Awesome color!
missing moments said…
Fire sky! Love it! And yes, yes, yes ... go get those surfers!
sophie...^5 said…
Listen I live near the ocean too and when the word is out that high surf is expected I make sure I'm there. Don't even hesitate...the ocean will exhilerate you and for sure the photos will be spectacular! Does that do it for you!

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